Our job isn’t to change you.

Your job is to change the world.

We’re just here to provide options.

We believe every person is a child of God, and that God created each of us to be who we are for a reason and a purpose. So it’s not for us to question or second-guess God’s thinking in creating you as you are. We just embrace you.

We also believe that God created a perfect world, and humankind has messed it up. From protection of the earth, the air, the waters and all the creatures that share the environment with us, to our relationships with our neighbors, both near and far, we humans have dropped the ball.

We believe that when we become aware of our relationship with God and God’s creation, including our neighbors, we have a heightened desire to right the wrongs, and make the world a better place for ourselves, our neighbors, and all our children who will inherit the world we are leaving to them.

We further believe that God created each of us – including you – with a unique set of gifts, talents and skills, and God desires that we use our personal assets to change the world we live in for the better. Some people are aware of their gifts, but many think they have no gifts at all.

As a faith community, it is our responsibility and privilege to provide opportunities for our members to discover their hidden gifts and use them to help our world more closely resemble the perfect creation it once was.

Fair warning: Changing the world is a transformative process. You will not be the same person as when you started. But we promise extreme gratification and immense rewards, as you see how your heart, mind, hands and feet touch others around you.

We invite you to check out the options we have to offer. Then choose one or several in which you can get involved.

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